Must-Have Solar Cooler for Hawaii People

If you are going to BBQ or camp with your family at the beach,  you should try this solar power cooler.   You don’t need to buy any ice cube anymore.  It’s an off-grid refrigerator/freezer on wheels that is chiller than cooler.  So, no more soggy bread or warm beer.

Keeps Foods Frozen for Hours

Goods stay fresh and safe much longer in dry, ice-free environments. If you want to plug your Chill into an AC wall socket or 12V car port, your wires and adapters are always aboard the cooler, tucked into the two storage pouches. As an added bonus, the Powerbank detaches from the Chill to give you energy where you need it.



Kitchen Cabinet Organizer – Soft-close Mixer/Appliance Lift

Soft-close Chrome Mixer Lift Can Be Attached to Any Custom Made Shelf (Not Provided) Allowing a Perfect Match to Your Interior Cabinet. Features Built-in Soft-close Dampeners, Adjustable Spring Tension and Holds Appliances up to 45 lb 


You can hang your induction cook-top

If you are living in a small apartment without any space to cook, you might consider this hang-able induction cook-top.

Ordine! A revolution that will change the cook-top concept, a ‘burner’ that you freely place whenever you need to on your hob and then, when you have finished, you just need to hang it like a cooking-utensil or pot.
More freedom to interpret cooking space, modularity, grading …a small brick.


Portable car refrigerator and freezer for beach and outdoor activities

It is very hard to live in Hawaii without a refrigerator, air conditioner & a cooler. How about a portable car freezer?

For today’s modern, active lifestyles, road trips and outdoor adventures are a way of life. Now, thanks to new technology, refrigeration and freezing on the go is easy. freezer is the perfect travel companion that provides true dual-zone cooling and freezing at the touch of a button. The lightweight yet the powerful cooling system is quiet, fast, and has convenient features for any on the go activities.

Unlike other automobile coolers on the market, iFreezer offers both refrigeration and freezing in the same unit. With an Independent Dual Zone design, iFreezer has two independently controlled zones to keep foods and beverages refrigerated or frozen. The system uses a removable divider to separate cooling zones and maintains precise temperature control from 50℉ to 0℉ within a 21QT storage area. Since iFreezer requires no ice, the cooling compartment stays dry and clean and the sloshing, watery mess of old coolers is completely eliminated.

The system uses an ingenious control system using touch buttons or an App for easy smartphone monitoring and management. With iFreezer Go20, cooling on the go is easy. Simply plug it into a car’s 12V power point and go. The Go20 utilizes two cooling modes, an Eco mode for power savings and a Max mode that can reach 0°C (32°F) in less than 15 minutes. The system is fast and safe, with a 3 stage battery protection for safe use anytime.

iFreezer Go20 doesn’t look like other coolers. It was designed differently to reflect the modern lifestyle – using a minimalist design and a style combined with the latest technology for versatility, convenience, and performance. The stunning design was a 2019 RedDot design award winner.

“Our goal was to take a totally new approach to car freezers that combined the latest technology for quiet, fast, refrigeration along with a clean modern design and minimalist style that added aesthetic form to function. iFreezer’s award winning product design complements modern vehicles and stands out with its sleek, bold style.   Frank Shi, Founder of ICECO

represents a new generation of portable refrigeration. Its award-winning design, smartphone control, dual zone cooling, and fast, reliable performance make it the perfect companion for travel and adventure on the go.

Price: $359 Click here for more

Affordable Option – Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator 16 Quart(15 Liter) – Price: $179

Updated Dec 11, 2020