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Corner Shelf with Assist Bar for Elderly People

If you have elderly parents or love one at home, please pay a lot of attention to bathroom safety design.

Over 230,000 people are injured in the bathroom each year, according to the most recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most of those injuries are caused by falling, with those who are aged 65 or older having the highest injury rate — including the highest fracture rates and being hospitalized most often.

Grab bars are must-have tool for elder care bathroom safety.

They perform two essential functions. First, they give your loved one something to grip when moving in and out of the tub or getting on and off the toilet.

Second, in the case of a fall, grab bars will be there for your loved one to grab before falling.

Please consider this corner shelving with assist grab bar by Delta.

  • Provides shelf space for your bathroom essentials
  • Surrounding bar adds a safety handle
  • Classic and elegant 8 3/4″ corner shelf with assist bar, providing leverage and support for up to 300 pounds
  • 7/8″ bar diameter for easier grip and slimmer look
  • Easy to clean, strong grab bar for safety, easy to install, roomy shelf for soap, shampoo, shave cream and a razor.
  • Tip: be sure to silicone the holes so there is no leaking.

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