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Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill Great For Small Condo & Apartment Living

If you are living in an apartment or condo, it is very hard to find a place for outdoor BBQ. How about an indoor BBQ grill for your apartment? There is no smoke due to its innovated smoke extraction system.

Maximum flavor. Zero smoke.

Bring the thrill and flavors of a summer BBQ indoors with the smokeless grill from VonShef.

With its advanced smoke extraction system, you can enjoy all of the smoky, chargrilled flavor of a real grill without smoke filling up your kitchen, leaving you to enjoy deliciously chargrilled steaks, chicken, vegetables and more all year round.

1200W Smokeless Grill

Smoke Extraction Technology.

To deliver this smokeless grilling experience, a fan hidden within the grill extracts smoke from the surface as your food cooks, leaving the atmosphere almost totally smoke-free.

Product Specification.

Large grill. 14” x 8” cooking surface for family-sized feasts.

Touch control panel. Adjust the grill temperature from 250°F to 450°F.

Non-slip feet. Made to offer enhanced stability during grilling.

Healthy Grilling.

To make sure your family-sized meat feast isn’t swimming in excess oil, a drip tray underneath the grill is ready to catch all of that unwanted fat, leaving you with deliciously charred, lean results.

Easy To Clean.

The grill has a non-stick surface, letting you cook with little to no oil without leaving burnt-on residue behind. Even better, the grill plate is completely removable and dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after you’ve enjoyed your meal is even easier.

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