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Smart-Home Water Monitor to Detect Flooding at Your Home

Flooding is not fun. It costs a lot of money and time. If you want a piece of mind, you should think about to install one smart-water monitor for your house.

Now, leak protection is easier than ever. The StreamLabs® water system monitor keeps an eye on what’s happening with the plumbing behind your walls and alerts you in real-time when water problems arise – before they turn into disasters.

  • 24/7 real time whole-house monitoring
  • Smart Alerts learning leak detection
  • Home & Away leak detection modes
  • Ambient temperature sensor with freeze alerts
  • 2 year full product warranty

Get alerts to your phone in real-time if a leak is detected anywhere in your home, and view live and historical water usage statistics. It’s everything you need to monitor and control your water system.

The product has a suggested price of $200.

No plumbers.
No pipe cutting. No tools.

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