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The recessed shower light kills bacteria, mold, and fungi

Mold is quite common in the bathroom area. How do we keep the mold out of the bathroom? How about a light in the bathroom ceiling that can do the job with one switch. Once switched on, these lights work safely, effectively, and, most importantly, continuously kill the germs that are constantly growing on remote controls, bathroom surfaces.

The best way to optimize cleaning is to put continuously disinfecting lights to work in conjunction with traditional intermittent cleaning methods.

Safely kill up to 99% of bacteria and inhibit the re-growth of mold and fungi on surfaces with just a flip of a switch, using the patented integrated LED continuous disinfection mode

No UV light or harmful chemicals, making it 100% safe for people and pets.

Wet location rated and certified. Can be used safely above or inside showers and bathtubs; great for kitchens, bathrooms and a variety of high-traffic living areas.

Provides an extra line of defense against bacteria, mold, and fungi when used continuously between regular cleaning methods. Even indirectly-lit areas are disinfected.

Easy to use with just the flip of a switch. Disinfection Mode produces a pleasant violet light while Standard Mode produces a natural White light at 1000 lumens.

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